Hello, my name is Sethunya Monyatsi. I’m just a pint sized girl that loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart. I am married to my lovely husband Unoziba Monyatsi who is my teacher of the word and together we have two lovely children Juanita and Lloyd. My family keeps me grounded and they give me hope for the future, I love them dearly.

Everybody has a story and I am not going to sit here and tell you than mine is too special than yours but one thing for sure is that, we all pass through some situations some more painful and deep than others. Each and every life story is unique but we all have one thing in common, we have dreams and goals we want to achieve and we were all created for a purpose.

My story is all messed up and maybe yours too, I have had my lowest points and my peak points, I have been through debts, failures, successes and some things I am still struggling to overcome. I do not talk to you because I am perfect, but because I am imperfect trying to reach the other imperfect so that together we can be made perfect in our weaknesses. I will be talking more on fulfillment of our godly purpose, vision, goals and going after our dreams.

We all want something better in life, and we set goals in order to get that something better. Unfortunately, most of us end up losing focus on what we want just because getting it is uncomfortable! You stop trying to lose weight because you cannot bear the pain of exercising, you stop looking for that job because you never get responses, you stop pursuing your business venture because it requires too much of your time and you are afraid to fail. I believe we all need a little push sometimes in order to reach our goals and this blog is that little push.

My messages are based on the Holy Bible principles because it is my life manual and it has never failed me. There is no wisdom that is beyond the word of God and I hope you enjoy this blog. This is my pulpit and I hope I inspire you to find yours too and together we never stop spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. We all need Christ as the foundation of everything we do and in all our plans. “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Phillipians 4:13

 I believe through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit your life will be touched in a special way. “…With God all things are POSSIBLE.” Matthew 19:26

Agape love, stay Divine!


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Sethunya Monyatsi is a transformational coach and motivational speaker on vision, goals and purpose. She will help you know how to formulate your vision, achieve your goals and fulfill your godly purpose and her teachings are based on biblical principles. She will help motivate and inspire your staff to produce better results at work and in any area of their lives. With Sethunya you will move from an unexciting ordinary life to an extra ordinary life of fulfillment.


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