Go getters don’t wait for a good day to come for them to do something to get them closer to their dreams, they do it NOW! A go getter gets up and subjects her fears under her will to be successful and goes for the goal. Imagine a football striker on the pitch thinking to himself, “these opponents are too strong, if I could try to score a goal they are going to block me, so I better just hold on to the ball until they leave me alone to score.” Will he ever score a goal? No, only a miracle will cause him to.

The same applies to us, if we focus on how the obstacles are going to defeat us rather than how to pass through the obstacles to achieve our goals then we will forever be going in circles, hence achieving nothing. Don’t be afraid to fail, try achieving that goal and if you fail it does not matter, keep on trying until you are successful.

It’s about time you change your mindset about yourself and call yourself a go getter. Go for that goal until you get it right! At work you are afraid to approach your superiors, even when you have the best idea that could change your life and organisation. You are afraid that your work mates will call you a boot-licker, but in actual fact those called boot-lickers are usually the successful and loved people because they go for what they want. Stand up, face your fears and go get that thing that you have always wanted. It is better to try and fail than to regret that you never tried at all.

Everyday is a Go Getter’s day!


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Agape Love, stay Divine!

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