Yes, I do have big teeth, but I’m gonna have to embrace who I am. I must accept myself first then people will find it easy to accept me. I have to keep on smiling and be comfortable in my own skin. I smile because the joy of the Lord radiates from within me right to my face. I smile because even though my smile is not as pretty as I would want it to be, it still lights up my face! I smile because my smile gives me hope for the future. I smile because I am happy, I am happy to be alive.

What is it that makes you uncomfortable about yourself? Maybe you are too short, very tall, have a scar on your face, have big ears, have broken teeth, or whatever it is that makes you uncomfortable or that makes people stare at you, embrace it and show it off just as I smile with my big teeth. By showing it off, the world cannot judge you by it anymore because you are comfortable with it. People are mocked with what they are uncomfortable with because if you are comfortable with what they intend to hurt you with, then it will be as good as praise. And they will find no need to use it against you.

Show it off and allow people to see your vulnerable side, not for them but for your confidence’ sake. You will be able to walk tall and care any less how people view you. If you have big ears don’t cover them with your hair. Remove that hair wig, let people see your bald head, remove the scarf from your face and allow people to see that scar on your neck. That is who you are, don’t be ashamed because we are all fearfully and wonderfully made and we are all beautiful in our heavenly Father’s eyes. Life is a journey full of up’s and downs, you cannot afford to be unhappy with your looks, use that energy for something else and appreciate who you are. We are beautiful in our imperfections and God loves us just as we are!


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Agape Love, stay Divine!

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