We are all going to die someday, unless Jesus Christ comes first death is guaranteed. Now when you are dead, how do want to be remembered? Are people going to cry at your funeral then after a month they have already forgotten that you ever existed? What are people going to say in your memory? Are they even going to fail to speak about you on your memorial service or will everyone want to be given a chance to say something about you?

I have personally lost so many people in my family and I have lost count how many have died by now. I was obviously sad for the loss because I loved them, but most of them I have easily forgotten about them. Not because I did not care about them, but because there was nothing special or extraordinary that they did when they were alive. In actual fact, the whole family has forgotten about them, they talk only about a few who left an indelible mark on many people’s hearts.

That being said, do you want your name to fade away like you never existed or do you want to leave some footprints on people’s hearts? It is entirely upon you to make that decision and change some things in your life if you were not steering in the right direction. Refuse to be average and strive for the extra ordinary. Average don’t count and don’t sell! But first you must be willing to accept the extra ordinary challenges because they will be just that extra! Work as hard as you would want to enjoy life. Great things don’t come to those who are lazy. In order for you to be great, be willing to put in some great work and remember, we can do all things through Christ who gives us the strength.


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Agape Love, stay Divine!

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