Most of my life was spent in church, I learnt what I needed to learn, I believed God for many things but surprisingly I have lived my life without a defined purpose for many years. I never questioned God for my existence and I lived because life was given to me, until a point in my life that I hit rock bottom. In that moment, I wanted to know more, I asked God many questions many of which the answers came later on, but God said to me, “STOP, seek me, look for me and talk about me and I will take care of the rest”.

It is in that moment I realized how much of fool I have been, having everything that I needed within me but I couldn’t notice. My purpose was revealed to me in my time of quest for something more, a time when I realized that I cannot make it on my own. A time when I thought to myself, there must be something more than what I am getting from this life. Are you not at that point, where you know there must be something greater than what you have settled for?


Every human being was created for a purpose and we all have different purposes. My purpose and your purpose are not the same, they may complement each other but will never substitute each other. Many people have tried to find their purposes in the wrong places yet they have never gotten it revealed to them. “Everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him” Colossians 1:16b MSG, our purpose can only be found in God, we may look within or study all kinds of books but our true purpose will only be found in our creator because he is the only one with the manual.

The bible is our owner’s manual and it is the only way we can have our true purpose be revealed unto us. We did not create ourselves hence why we cannot devise our purpose, because the one who created us must have known the purpose for our creation. No man was created as an accident, no matter what the parents would think; God knew you before you were formed on your mother’s womb and he allowed you to be born because your purpose had been set before the beginning of your life.

Your purpose is greater than yourself, it is always meant to help, inspire or encourage the next person and therefore, I believe that God will never set a selfish purpose for anyone. If you find your purpose to be just about you and what you could get from it, then something is not right with your purpose. We were created to add value into somebody else’s life and never to just come and enjoy ourselves without any significant mark on other people’s lives.

In this new season, we all are seeking for something new and something great and I urge you that before you set any goals for the new year, take time to ask your creator for the reason why you were created. Ask him of the purpose of your creation and because he is faithful and just he will reveal it to you. Once the purpose is revealed to you, now you can device a vision for your life. In so doing find out what it is that you want to do in order to see your purpose being accomplished and where do you see yourself in the next five years’ time.

A vision will help direct your life in order for you to live in your purpose. Where the is no vision people perish, a life without a vision is likened to a driver who gets into a car without knowing the destination of his trip, he will just drive around and will never say I have arrived because there was no planned destination so any place he gets to may as well be the destination. Know where you want your life to be directed to and know what you want to get in life, once you know you can ask God to direct you as to how you will get there. A vision is like a compass, that directs your way in the wilderness and it makes walking in the wilderness bearable!

“Vision always precedes strategy” Michael Hyatt, when formulating your vision, you must never worry about how you will get to your vision because if you could ask yourself as to how you will get there then you will restrict your vision. Chances are that you will start doubting your capabilities and even doubting God, then your vision will be set on things that you know you can afford at that particular time. Your vision must never be about what you can afford but about what you would want to be if it was possible that you had all the resources available in your side. Forget about what you don’t have and focus on what you want to have, look beyond your circumstances and be crazy enough to think of your wildest dreams if possible. After your vision has been set, then set goals that will help you to achieve your vision, these are the necessary steps for any vision achievement because a vision without goals is just a fantasy. Goals are the milestones that slowly but surely will make you achieve your vision.


Now that your vision has been set, we will talk more on the next stage next week.

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Agape Love, stay Divine!

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