In fulfilling our purposes, we have a responsibility towards others. How can we add value to the next person and how can we make the other person’s life better? These are the questions which must always be a part of us. Since last year I have thought very hard of how much value I am adding to other people and I felt so disappointed in myself. You see, I try to be loving and helpful where I can but it is not enough, then I thought maybe I should commit myself to doing an act of kindness now and then to spread the love of Christ.

This decision did not come about because of what I want people to think of me but it was a decision which I strongly felt was what God wants me to do. It is what God has laid on my heart but mostly I think is for you to know that giving is not for so and so but for you even with the little.

It took me a while for me to post this here because I do not want the message to be distorted because the bible says, “that your charitable deed may be in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.” However, what I want you to get is not the fact that I gave but the message that it is possible to give and touch other people’s lives even if it is not much. Do not wait for you to get super rich to start giving because it might never happen!

Two weeks ago I visited Childline Botswana to give some groceries for the children. Childline Botswana is a place of refuge for abused kids, kids living in bad home environments and for kids whose parents are going through serious issues which can leave the child homeless. It is a temporary place of refuge for these children and when things get better in their homes the children are returned back to their homes.


Currently they have 18 children which I believe if 18 people can decide to cater for the needs of just one child each person, the financial burden this organization is facing could be alleviated. Childline Botswana depends 100% on donors to assist them with finances or otherwise. The kids go to school and need lunch packs daily, so if you feel encouraged please drop in at Childline Botswana to ask them how you can help. Volunteers are also welcome to assist with homework and any other duties same as which we know our kids at home requires.

I am starting a campaign called ONE CHILD CAMPAIGN and I am calling on to the public to assist in “adopting” one child to take care of their needs in whatever way you can afford, be it toiletry, clothes anything will be accepted. By “adopting” here I do not mean legally adopting a child to be yours or taking the child to your home no, but I mean selecting one child whom you can help on monthly basis in whatever way it doesn’t have to be much. There are many organizations which requires our help and I will select a few which will benefit from this campaign. This campaign aims at giving these children a better chance at life and hope for the future. Wouldn’t it be nice for you to do something worthwhile for somebody who needs you the most?

I am also calling out to volunteers to assist me with running this project, they say two is better than one. Join hands with me and let’s put a smile on those faces. You are valuable and I need you and these children needs you. Money is not everything, your expertise and hands may help more than we could imagine.

Contact me on my email: or fill in the contact form on my blog or call on +267 75929894. I will be waiting to hear from you. Please also do SHARE this message that would go a long way in helping just one child. Agape Love as always ❤



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