I have experienced my life change for the better but not because of a miracle but because I made a conscious decision to change a few habits which were setting me back. Many of us have habits which we are well comfortable with, but those habits do not serve us in any way right. Why do you hang on to the very things that are killing you, why do you hold on tight to habits which are stopping your progress? Your life may be changed by a simple decision of changing a few habits which don’t work for you and developing new habits through a daily routine.routine1

You need to understand that success is not about money but it is achievement, fulfillment and happiness. So I believe success is the achievement of goals no matter how small they are. Every goal in your life no matter how little it may seem is worth fighting for, and it is worth the time and energy as much as bigger goals. You will need to change some things in your life, no matter how uncomfortable it is in order for you to have the good things you want for your life.

I trust that by now you have your goals and your vision board on the wall so the next step is to develop a daily routine. A daily routine will require you to break some old habits and develop new ones and surely that will not be an easy task. But let’s thank God because He has revealed to me how to help you with that. It is always easier to develop bad habits than good habits and it is always harder to break bad habits than it is to break good ones, so I do not promise bed and roses but hard work which is worth it anyway!

First, list around five things that you feel will improve your life if you were to do them every day. Those small tasks will change your life if done consistently. For instance, if you want to develop a six-pack you cannot do sit ups only once a month and expect to get the desired results, but you need to have a daily exercise routine that will draw you closer to your goal each day. Routine is the hidden secret to success! Every time you repeat the same thing, you will do it better than the last time and hence developing necessary skills and strategies and also developing a habit. Once a habit is developed you will then practice that good thing daily without even thinking.


As for me my daily routine is to read scripture from the bible each morning, listen to faith building video, pray, revisit my Vision Board, work on the blog, do business assignments and strategies, read a motivational book, plan for the next day and have family time. I make sure I do that every day, if there be anything that I have to do on that day, it is included on top of my daily routine. Always make sure that your daily routine leaves out some time to do other duties that you don’t have to perform on a daily basis so that you do not stretch yourself too thin.

Here are some of the habits you can develop to improve your life: learn something new every day, make at-least five sales calls every day if you are a sales representative or entrepreneur, jog for 30 minutes every day, study a new language, learn a new word every day, make somebody smile every day, arrive 30 minutes earlier at work every day, the list goes on and on! Developing this new habits will improve your life, set you apart from your competition and will improve your self-confidence. “The habits you form from this day forward will ultimately determine how your future unfolds.” Jack Canfield


Above all, when setting your routine make God the foundation because if He is not part of your routine then you will not be able to build a relationship with Him. As it is stated on 1 Corinthians 3:11, “For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.” In your daily routine include God and make him the center of your plans and you will receive the reward.

Now that your daily routine is drawn, we will talk more on the next stage next week.

Comment below, send me your messages on the contact form  or inbox on Facebook (www.facebook.com/sethunyamonyatsi), I would love to hear from you.

Agape love and stay Divine!

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