Having your vision defined, your goals set and your vision board on the wall is not enough, you need to get working! Your vision board on the wall won’t make things happen, make a conscious decision to start working on your dreams. Take a leap of faith and start working on achieving your goals today. No more procrastination, you have asked God for a lot and if you really want it then you have to work for it. To whom much is given, much is expected; it is as simple as that!procrastination

No matter how good your goals are for your life, if you mismanage your time you may find yourself going in a virtuous circle without being able to achieve a single goal. Time does not wait for anyone, not even the Queen of England! You need to know how to manage yourself better and learn to do the important things Now. I believe your goals are the most important things in your life and they must be treated as such.

Develop a sense of urgency for your goals and do not push them down every time when you think something urgent has cropped up your schedule. By pushing them down you will end up missing the deadlines and you will procrastinate until your goals become unimportant to you at all. Procrastination will not only cost you time but money, because your bills will be paid late hence attracting interests, you will have missed opportunities because you will not be ready when the opportunity arises. A procrastinated goal is an unimportant goal eventually!

I used to wake up very late in the morning and it didn’t bother me until I realized that had I used my time properly, I would have achieved quite a lot by now. Every day I would lose about three hours in the morning because of sleep and during the day I will be playing catch up.  That habit was a stumbling block to my dreams yet I was comfortable with it. Many of us are comfortable with our bad habits and yet they cost us so much more than what our eyes could see. Time is a limited resource and so precious we need to respect it.


Procrastination will suck the life out of your dreams! In most cases we fail at achieving our dreams not because of lack of resources but because of procrastination. How cruel is that to ourselves? You do have an option to change your life by staying on track of what you do with your time or maybe just never care of what you do with your time. If you do not respect time it will not respect you back! The things that you should have acquired will take longer or maybe worse you never get to achieve them just because you were disrespectful of time. Many times you are the stumbling block to your victory because you listen so much to your flesh than your spirit.

All you need to do is to discipline yourself, work extra hard and do things on time or rather before time. You have the keys to unlock the potential that God has bestowed upon you. You need to realize that every second, every minute, every hour and every day matters in achieving your goals, no day must be wasted. The seconds spent on building your dream are the building blocks to your destiny, wasted time is a life wasted.

2 Corinthians 6:2 reads that, “For he says, ‘In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.’ I tell you, NOW is the time of God’s favor, NOW is the day of salvation.” The bible clearly states that God’s favor is NOW, so if you are busy procrastinating you might miss the opportunity because the NOW is that time when God places that dream in your heart, start acting NOW. A goal that is not worked on is as good as a fantasy, start now; take that leap and just do it!


Now that you know how to manage your time, we will talk more on the next stage next week.

Comment below, send me your messages on the contact form or inbox on Facebook (www.facebook.com/sethunyamonyatsi), I would love to hear from you.

Agape Love, stay Divine!


  1. These are genuinely fantastic ideas in regarding blogging. You have touched some fastidious things here. Any way keep up wrinting.


  2. It sounds as though you’ve found a good way to use time. While reading your piece, it came to mind that our time is for the Lord. It causes me to question how often I ask Him how to use it. Hmmm….Good encouragement. Blessings


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