Do you want your life to change? There are several things that you need to do when working on your goals and I am certain that this one tops all of them. There is no way you can manage achieving your goals unless you do this.


“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1. You have drawn your vision and set your goals anticipating that what you hope for will be manifested. Even though you do not see it with your eyes you can imagine it and visualize it as if it exists, that is what faith is. You do not have to have resources nor to see it with your eyes first but if  it can be clear in your mind, then you can have it!

Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains because once it grows the roots then there is nothing that can stand before it. You have what you believe you can have and you cannot have what you do not believe you can have. You are the one who sets the pace for God with your faith. Your faith is the buying power greater than money, there is nothing that has the power to buy more than faith can, because even money you buy with it only what it can afford and with faith you can have that which your bank account cannot afford.

I believe visionaries are the people who sets visions that are beyond what their eyes could see and whose imagination sees beyond their eyes can. These are the people crazy enough to think they can change the world because they always do. As Steve Jobs once said, “People who are crazy enough to say they can change the world, are the ones who usually do.” If your vision does not challenge your faith, then it is just a goal! Set a vision that will challenge you to be a better person, to do better than what you are used to doing, a vision which will move you out of your comfort zones. You also need to believe without a shadow of doubt that you will make it through.


Just like Noah who built an ark to save his family from the flood, people will not understand your vision, they will laugh at you and they will mock you but it is okay because you are the one carrying the vision. As long as you believe in what God has bestowed in your heart, work at it with fear and trembling and do not be moved because you will need the faith when the future seems bleak. The vision is for you not for other people and you are the one who is to believe in it not for others to believe. Believe like a child, without a shadow of doubt that your dream will be realized in the set future. Faith is a universal principle that works across the board, when you believe wholeheartedly it will work for you.

Set your eyes on the prize and never lose focus, reaching your goals will help you to live a purpose driven life. Year 2017 will be a different year for you because you have chosen to pursue your dreams and you shall set goals  and achieve all of them! You chose to be better than the year before, it is all about choices. Faith is also a choice; you make a decision to believe and if you believe you shall see your goals manifested in your life. Mark 9:23, ‘Everything is possible for him who believes.’

So in conclusion I say, there is nothing that you will do to achieve your goals whicht will be greater than having faith and believing that it is possible for you to achieve your dreams, having FAITH is the key to attracting what you want.


Now that you know that you need to have faith that moves mountains, we will talk more on the next stage next week.

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Agape Love, stay Divine!

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