She said, “I’m so broke, this is my last money between me and death!” If the money finishes and she dies, are we supposed to cry at her funeral? Death would be what she wanted anyways. Be careful of what you wish for because it might just happen to you, those are the words we should always tell them. There is so much power in our words and yet we say things anyhow!


God created the whole universe not with his mighty creative hands, but with his tongue he declared words and things were created. Because we were made in the image and likeness of God we also possess the power to create or destroy with our tongue. We can create our dreams with our tongue by declaring that which we can imagine and we can also destroy our future with what we profess with our mouths. We carry a creating machine or a weapon of mass destruction right under our noses.

Guard your tongue and let every word that comes from your mouth be carefully selected, lest you find yourself being put down now and then by the words of your mouth. Life and death is in power of the tongue, confess the word of God in your life, speak life to your vision and never confess negatively of yourself. Now that we understand that being created in his image and likeness means we also have the power to speak and things become, it means we have to start exercising the power that we have been given.

Revelations 12:11 states that, “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” You need to understand that your confessions will either make you an over-comer or cause you to be defeated. Once you confess victory in your life you shall be an over-comer, because we serve a just God who judges you by what you say and he gives you exactly what you confess. You may say no I am just joking, but why is that you always joke with negative things? Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

You have set goals and you are working on them. Speak only the things which will help you to achieve them. Do not put yourself down with your words. Working on your goals is not child’s play so you will need all the positiveness you can gather. Speak of your dreams as if they have already occurred, see the end before you see the beginning then you will be able to stand in faith and declare the things that are not as if they are.


Speak to your destiny every day and proclaim victory on every milestone. Confess positively and let your actions also agree with what you are saying with your mouth. What you say with your mouth will either encourage you or discourage you in fulfilling your vision. There is so much power in confession because our brain will send the message to act according to what we say hence detrimental if we profess negatively.

Sometimes situations will be so bad but you still have to ignore the fact that it seems like you won’t make it and confess positively even the more. Get bible verses which will encourage you to step forward. Confess that you shall not be tail but the head, you shall be blessed in the city and in the land, the favor of the Lord is now and you shall be favored in every circumstance, you shall fear no evil for the Lord is with you, the promises of God are yes and amen, the peace of the Lord has been given to you, God will never leave you nor forsake you; in those confessions you will find strength to carry on with the mission to drive your closer to your vision. Do not let the bad circumstances that you see with your eyes influence your confessions. Do not magnify your problems with your professions.

Now that you know how to declare your victory, we will talk more on the next stage next week.

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Agape Love, stay Divine!

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