What do you really want to achieve for your life? Do you know exactly what your dreams are? If you know what you want then your goals are clearer and can be achieved. Knowing WHY you need to achieve your goals will place everything into perspective! Sometimes the journey will be so tough you will feel like quitting, but I say hold on; it’s not over yet!garden-flower-green-room-7591

You need to decide to go after your dreams no matter what. Those who earnestly seek for what they believe is purpose driven goal; will definitely get it! It is about how much you think your goals are important that gives you the drive. It is not about how incapable you are, because we are all capable. We can do much more than we think we can, we have the power within us and that power enables us to do extra ordinary things.

Matthew 7:7b states that, “Seek and you will find…”

Our biggest problem is that when something we seek seems too far fetched, we give up too early and lose focus on the mark. But if we were to seek without growing weary, then our goals will be achieved most of the time. Seeking is a universal principle which when followed with persistence will yield some desirable results. We seek not because we have but we seek because we want to acquire, so do not let lack of resources stop you from seeking earnestly what you want.

Every dream is worth fighting for! If it means the world to you to achieve your dreams, then run after them and don’t look back. Looking back will not only reduce your speed but it will also make you think you are losing too much energy on something that will not be achieved. Looking back will birth doubt in your heart about your goals and will delay your arrival to the promised land.


Seeking is an action word, you cannot just be talking about it and not doing anything about it. Take action and work on your goals one day at a time. You cannot expect to get a job when you stay at home watching television all day long and not submitting your applications. You need to make applications, go for interviews and keep on going for interviews until you get the right one. Those who are seated at home doing nothing are the ones who will usually be complaining about how opportunities are not available; yes there will not be available because you are not seeking for them!

The amount of pressure and hard work you place on seeking a job must be the same amount of effort you place on each and every goal of yours. Many think because they are working, then they have the license to stop dreaming, that is an error and it can only be corrected by the renewing of your mind. Your goals can be to lose weight, to get a new job, to start a business, to build a house, to buy a plot or whatever it may be. You cannot allow fate to take care of your dreams, you must always be in control. Nobody will do it for you but only you can. With proper action, your dreams are possible! Let the sky not be the limit but your faith coupled with hard work be.

Now that you know how to seek for your dreams, we will talk more on the next stage next week.purple-white-design-decoration

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Agape Love, stay Divine!

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