They say easy come, easy go! If your goals do not require a little extra effort for them to be achieved, then there are not big enough. Sometimes you will look at your goal and wonder how you will achieve it since you do not have the capacity to achieve it on your own, worry not; there is something you can do to make them a reality.your dreams are possible

“Knock and the door will be opened to you”, Matthew 7:7

Go and knock on the doors of those who can assist you to achieve your goal, it might be the only thing that could accelerate your progress. When you knock expect that somebody may call you to enter, there might be no answer or the door may be banged on your face! It is still okay if they don’t open the door for you, just keep on knocking sometimes you just need to be persistent until the door is opened for you.

You may not have the capacity to finance your project, don’t give up on the dream just pitch the idea to potential funders. Prepare everything necessary, if it is a business plan make it available. Our problem is that most of the people who want their business ideas to be funded do not have the patience to provide potential investors with all the necessary information to see if the project is viable. Your good idea may end up failing just because when you knocked on the doors, you were not fully prepared with necessary information to convince your potential investor.


If your idea gets rejected, polish it over and over again then knock on the next door. Sometimes people do not just get your idea, because their mind is too small to comprehend it but do not blame them; God did not give the idea to them in the first place and it is your duty to make them understand.

Never get weary of knocking, yes it is our human nature to give up when we are rejected, but your persistence is what will show the person behind the door that you are serious and committed to the success of your goal. when the door opens for you, BE READY to put all effort and make sure that the one who opened it for you will not regret doing so. It is better to be prepared and never get the opportunity that to get the opportunity and not be prepared, I have said this so many times now; please be prepared and ready.

I would love to hear from you, comment below, drop me an email or shout out to me on here.  Agape Love, stay Divine!

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