Life can be messy and we all have a sad story to tell. Some of us really do have a painful past and some of us have the best memories of the past but all in all it is gone! Holding on to the past is one thing that many of us are very good at, but we need to live for now and plan for the future. The past is gone, all we have left are memories and lessons nothing more!

byholding on to your past

Your pain was only coming as a lesson you need to come out of it, you cannot afford to keep on reliving that pain over and over again. Wasn’t the pain great enough for you not to want to experience it again? By holding on to the past you are stopping yourself from gaining new ground and to live your dreams.  I personally have had heartbreaking moments in my former business and it was so bad, I really do not wish that anyone could go through the same experiences I had. But if I were to carry that with me every time then I do not believe I could be where I am at right now.

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.” Isaiah 43:18

Even so, your beautiful memories are just that, memories! Do not hold on to the glory of the past, focus on your now and change your future. Some of us have had very wonderful life and something happened and took all that away, if you are going to keep on reminiscing on how you used to afford this and that you are wasting precious time which could be used to build up your current life and future.

Do not hold on to the glory of the past

Achieving goals needs a certain type of discipline and some of these things really take away from our hard work. When you are working on your goals and your mind is left behind do not expect much achievement. Sometimes we hold onto our past so much that we forget we have a life to live. We cannot change the past but we can change our now and future, so why focus on the things that you have no power to control, rather focus on what you can change.

Learn to live in the moment; forget about how successful you used to be, forget about how much pain you were caused, forget about how inadequate you were. Sometimes we are held back by the fact that our past failures have become the standard for our lives. We believe that our past inadequacies determine our future but that is not true, we can change our future and we can change it NOW! Clear your mind because achieving goals requires are clear mind.

achieving goals reuires a clear mind!

Are you enjoying reading my blog, please live a comment below it encourages me too. Agape Love, stay divine!

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