Sethunya Monyatsi is a transformational coach and motivational speaker on vision, goals and purpose. She will help you know how to formulate your vision, achieve your goals and fulfill your godly purpose and her teachings are based on biblical principles. She will help motivate and inspire your staff to produce better results at work and in any area of their lives. With Sethunya you will move from an unexciting ordinary life to an extra ordinary life of fulfillment.


  • Speaking Engagements
  • Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Director of Ceremonies


Be motivated and be inspired to follow your dreams through Sethunya’s motivational speaking. Sethunya moves her audience with her speeches and surely your audience will be moved to achieve greater things. For any Speaking Engagement Booking inquiries please fill in the Booking Request Form by clicking on the button below.



Join me for my coaching programs, there are two options private coaching and group coaching. If you would like to join my private coaching program know that I take only a limited number of clients per month so that I give you all my attention. Please click the pictures below for more information on each coaching program.


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