Are you struggling to achieve your Goals? Try this!

When you have come to the end of the road and the future looks bleak, there are not many things we can do. At that point of our lives everything stands still and nothing will seem to be moving but all you need to know is that; even the greatest of inventors do have a mind block sometimes and it does not mean that is the end of their invention journey. Continue reading “Are you struggling to achieve your Goals? Try this!”


What to focus on for your goals to manifest faster

We are mostly focused on our goals and building our empires which is okay but not entirely what we need. There is more to life than our career and money and the earlier we realize that, the better for us. Continue reading “What to focus on for your goals to manifest faster”


The number 1 Enermy to your Goals

Life can be messy and we all have a sad story to tell. Some of us really do have a painful past and some of us have the best memories of the past but all in all it is gone! Holding on to the past is one thing that many of us are very good at, but we need to live for now and plan for the future. The past is gone, all we have left are memories and lessons nothing more! Continue reading “The number 1 Enermy to your Goals”


An Upgrade is necessary for your Goals

Every computer software needs an update now and then so that it can perform better, and so are you! There are many ways to update or upgrade yourself, read and learn, observe and learn get feedback and also learn, by so doing you will be prepared for any new opportunities and adventures. Learning is the most important part of the upgrade, don’t just read but read and observe to learn, there is no point on reading or observing without having an open mind to learn.

Continue reading “An Upgrade is necessary for your Goals”


The power of Focus on Goal Setting

Sometimes multi-tasking means doing nothing right! There are people who can never do one thing at a time and they also never finish anything they started. When it comes to goals, lack of focus may be the one thing that may be causing you to go in a virtuous circle year in and year out. Continue reading “The power of Focus on Goal Setting”


Are you Associates stopping you from achieving your goals

If you want to know who the person is, look at his friends. I believe this notion is correct in every sense of the word. Our friends and associates mold us in more ways than we realize! if you hang around wise people somehow wisdom rubs off on to you and likewise hanging out with bad company will draw you to supposedly bad things.


Do not be mislead: Bad character corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:33

When you intend to focus on building your life, you ought to associate with people who will encourage you to do so. Some people are poisonous, all they can think and talk about is always negative; you bring a business idea to them they will say it won’t work, they will always tell you about the risks and not opportunities. When you tell them your goals they will tell you how impossible it is for you to achieve such goals. You do not need such people in your life!

Achieving goals requires some encouragement from family, friends and people whom you are always around. If you surround yourself with people who don’t believe in your dreams, how can you expect them to encourage you to pursue them further? What we hear the most will be what we subconsciously believe; faith comes by hearing.

Sometimes it is okay to disassociate yourself with negative people just so you protect your dreams. If it means losing some negative friends do so, if it means exiting a social media group which has become toxic, then do so. After you exit, it may sting a bit but after some time it will be normal and you will even forget about it. It is better to walk alone than to keep bad company. You must guard your goals with jealousy, after-all they are the only hope you’ve got to a breakthrough.

It is better to walk alone than to keep bad company.

Find positive people to hang around with, it may be hard to find such but social media can sometimes help; follow someone whose posts encourage you and keep people of that same energy around you. People with positive energy literally charges you to want better for your life. Search for motivational quotes  and keep yourself energized towards your goals. Positive people will make you see yourself in a more positive light and they bring new possibilities to your goals journey.

The most important thing is to find yourself a mentor and learn as much as you possibly could from them. A mentor is a great tool to improve on your life and keep your life on track. A good mentor will show you where you need to improve and where you are doing well, they will also help to keep you focused on achieving your goals. They also help you learn how to do things yourself and a good mentor will be your cheerleader, everybody needs a cheerleader once a while.

guard your goals with jealousy!

Time for introspection, look into all your associations, which ones are beneficial and which are regressing your progress? Who are you holding on to, whom you have to let go? Sometimes loving some people at a distance is the best medicine. Learn to choose the people in your circles right, they can either accelerate or delay your progress on your goals.

I will be glad to hear from you, leave a comment below or send me a message here. Agape Love, stay divine!


When the Goal seems unattainable, this may come in handy!

They say easy come, easy go! If your goals do not require a little extra effort for them to be achieved, then there are not big enough. Sometimes you will look at your goal and wonder how you will achieve it since you do not have the capacity to achieve it on your own, worry not; there is something you can do to make them a reality. Continue reading “When the Goal seems unattainable, this may come in handy!”


How you can achieve your tough Goals

What do you really want to achieve for your life? Do you know exactly what your dreams are? If you know what you want then your goals are clearer and can be achieved. Knowing WHY you need to achieve your goals will place everything into perspective! Sometimes the journey will be so tough you will feel like quitting, but I say hold on; it’s not over yet! Continue reading “How you can achieve your tough Goals”



Whenever I have to ask somebody for a favor or some help, I always get the butterflies in my stomach! It is something that I don’t get used to but that which I have to do sometimes! Don’t you break into cold sweat every time you have to ask for something? Here is how asking can help you achieve your goals. Continue reading “SOME OF YOUR GOALS WILL ONLY NEED THIS TO GET SUCCESSFUL”



Every now and then when we have a huge dream to achieve, we doubt if it will be possible to accomplish it. Sometimes even the people around you will also make you feel a bit crazy. My husband once jokingly said to me, I think I should take you to the psychiatrist to rule out craziness in you. But one assuring thing is that, the one who is faithful and just will see you through to accomplish what he started in you. You do not have to know how you will manage to achieve your dreams, but you need to know and trust the capability of the one who planted that vision in you. Every time when we doubt, we weaken the power that sustains us. Continue reading “AVOID THIS AND YOU WILL BE GOOD TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS”