This is a 12 weeks exclusive group coaching program for people who are more than willing to transform their lives and their businesses, people who want to live the life they desire.

Are you ready to dream big and push the limits of what you thought was possible? This program is for you.

Do you want life that is more than average and are not willing to settle for less? Then this program will help you in the right direction of life of fulfillment.

Do you want to step up the ladder in your career? This program will help you with necessary tools to help you get to the level you want.

Are you willing to set yourself apart and make a difference in your sphere of influence? Then you are at the right place because this program was designed just for you.

The modules are carefully designed and structured and are delivered through a series of emails, workbook, audio guides and video training along with live coaching calls and Q&A sessions. Each module is specifically designed for you to achieve maximum success and help you achieve your goals and position you for success in all areas of your life.


  • How to get clarity on what you want and live a life of purpose
  • How to develop a good relationship with money
  • Steps you need to do to stop procrastination and start doing things now
  • How to achieve the goals which you have been failing to
  • How to turn your business around and attract the right clients
  • What to do to easily step up the ladder in your career.
  • How to be an influencer in your career industry


  • Transform your relationship with money
  • Mindset change and have success mindset
  • Be able to set and achieve goals
  • The ability to have your purpose clearly defined
  • You will be able to achieve any goal you set for your life or business
  • You will have peace of mind as your life will be in order
  • You will be able to go on vacations as and when you want to
  • The ability to have your finances in order and you will enjoy financial freedom
  • Your business will be a game changer in your respective industry
  • Clients will look for you and not the other way around

Please note that this is a 3 months program and an investment of $600 is required to book your slot. ($195 if paid in upfront and in full. Payment plans of 3 installments of $70 per month also available)

If you are interested in this option, please request a consultation using the button below. I believe that we have to be the right fit in order for this program to be successful, so before accepting you on to any of my coaching program I would like to make sure that this is the right thing for you. My success as a coach depends on your success as my student, so i strive to create the right environment for you.

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